Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Tenant Considerations

- A tenant can include 50 production and 75 non-production instances

- Each instance has its own SQL database

- A licensed Dynamics 365 user can be given access to any instance associated with the tenant.

Instances for Different Regions

- A tenant is bound to a geographical region

- By default, all instances are created in the same region as the tenant

- On request the ability to create instances in other geographical regions can be granted.

- When configuring the instance, specify the region

- To manage instances, first select the region in Your current region is >

Current Regions(Nov 2016, microsoft often adds new regions, so please check new regions)

 - Asia Pacific(APAC)
- Europe, Middle-East, Africa(EMEA)
- Japan(JPN)
- North America(NA)
-South America(LATAM)
- Canada
- India

Multiple Tenants

- Consider a multiple -tenant deployment for differing geographical or departmental needs
- Each tenant is managed separately.
- Licensed users can only access instances in the same tenant.
- Licenses and subscriptions can not be shared.
- A tenant can only be fedarated with one on-premises
  Active Directory

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