Sunday, 3 December 2017


Hey Guys,

Today i am going to explain how to resolve the error which appear as
 "Duplicate Column Heading Exists" in Dynamics 365.

So how this error appears, when you try to download for example Account Template from Dynamics 365
Settings > Data Management > Template for Data Import >

Click Download the Account Template then the following error appears, Don't panic ..

Why this error appears don't think anything just follow me...

So when you get this error, just need to find out any duplicate field names on the Account Entity..

How to find out that .. Go to Settings > Customizations  >  Customize the system > from the default solution > Select the Account Entity and the Fields > sort by Display Name

You will see like the following image....

So you just need to rename the display name to something similar to your requirement then  you are good to go..

Then Publish all customizations .

Go to Template for Data Import  then you should be able to download the template for any new data import for the Account Entity..

I hope this helps..

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