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- Dynamics 365  integrates with SharepPoint via Server - to - Server integration.

- All combinations of Dynamics 365 Online, Dynamics 365
-  On-Premises with SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premises are supported.

OneDrive for Business

Store, synchronize and share files

Private storage where documents are not shared by default
 - unlike SharePoint

-1TB of cloud space is provided

-Automatically synchronizes with OneDrive for Business desktop application.


-Dynamics 365 or Dynamics 365 On-Premises
-User must be assigned an office 365 license
-SharePoint Integration.

OneNote :

OneNote is used to capture the Adhoc Notes which can be typed or hand written.
In a way to use paper project button.
Recently OneNote made it available in Office 365 and now it is integrated with Dynamics 365

OneNote Integration:

-Available for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 On-Premises
-OneNote notebooks stored in a SharePoint Site.
-SharePoint integration must be enabled.
-Entity enabled for document management and OneNote integration.
- Does not replace Dynamics 365 Notes.

Microsoft Social Engagement

-Social Engagement can be used on its own or integrated with Dynamics 365 (and Dynamics 365 On-Premises)

-Social Engagement is a cloud-based system for collecting data from social media websites.

Integration with Dynamics 365

-Social Engagement subscription must be enabled and have assigned licenses to users.

-In the Dynamics 365 web application, configure Social Engagement (Settings > Administration)
-Select the Social Engagement instance

-Add the Social Engagement control to Dynamics 365 forms and dashboards.

Skype for Business and Skype

-Dynamics 365 integrates with Skype and Skype for Business (Previously known as Lync)
-Telephone numbers cab be clicked to start a call.
-Only one of Skype and Skype for Business can be configured for  a Dynamics 365 instance (Settings>Administration > System Settings)

Yammer: -

Yammer is  a cloud based service that provide a private social network site for organisations.

-It can be integrated with Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 On-Premise
-Yammer enterprise license are required to integrate with dynamics 365.

-The Free version of Yammer not supported for Integration with Dynamics 365 and Dynamics On-     Premise.

-You might be aware of activity feeds in Dynamics 365 also a collabration feature.

- After Integration with Dynamics 365 the activity feeds are not shown on the Dynamics 365 instead    it will be shown on Yammer.

The Integrating person should be Dynamics 365 Administrator.

Office 365 Groups:

-Office 365 Groups are shared workspaces for collaboration between Office 365 users.
-The Integration with Dynamics 365 allows collaboration between Dynamics 365 users and Office 365 users who are not Dynamics 365 users.
-The integration is provided by a Dynamics 365 solution that is installed from the Office 365 admin portal.

Requirements to complete the integration with Office 365 Group

- Microsoft Dynamics 365
-An Exchange Mailbox for each user that will use Office 365 Groups.

-SharePoint integration enabled for viewing documents in an Office 365 Group.

Integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365

-Configure integration at Settings > Office 365 Groups

-Select Aut0 Create to automatically create a new group for new records.

Office Delve:

-Office Delve is part of Office 365
-Search content in Word, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint sites and elsewhere in Office 365.
-Can be shown in Dynamics 365 via a dashbaord component.

-Dynamics 365
-A subscriptiuon to Office 365
-Not available for Dynamics 365 On-Premises.

To enable Delve dashboard in dynamics 365 Integartion:
In Settings > Document Management enable:
-SharePoint Integration.
-Office Graph Integration.

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