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Dynamics 365 Instances

An instance is a Dynamics 365 database

Large organisations might use separate instances for different departments or for testing

Data for each instance is stored in its own SQL Server database.


        Office 365 subscription            Dynamics 365 Subscription
                                           |                          |
                   Production Instance             Training Instance

Instance Types

_ An instance can be for

 - Production purposes
 - Non-production purposes, referred to as a Sandbox instance.

Sandbox Instances
_ Non- Production purposes include:
  - Training
  - Development
  - Testing of third -party add-ons
 -  Upgrade testing

Purchasing Instances
_ Production and Sandbox instances are purchased as add- ons for a subscription
- Add-ons cannot be purchased for trials

Instances Properties

NAME : The name of the instance which is shown in the application

URL : The URL name is used to form the sign in URL, the name must be unique across all instances

PURPOSE: For references, the purpose is only shown in the Office 365 admin portal

INSTANCE TYPE : Whether this is a production or sandbox instance

SECURITY GROUP : Determine which users have access to the instance. if a group is not specified then all users  who have a Dynamics 365 license are added to the instance.

Edit properties of an instance

- In the Office 365 admin center navigate to Admin > Dynamics 365

- This opens the Dynamics 365 Administration Center where a list of instances is shown

- Select the instance to change and then click Edit.

Administer Instances

- Actions that can be performed on instances:

 - Switch
 - Reset
 - Delete
- Copy

Switch an instance
- The ability to change instance type depends on available licenses
- An instance can be switched from:
 - Production to sandbox, or sandbox to production
 - Make changes in the Office 365 portal, under Admin > Dynamics 365

- In the Dynamics 365 Administration Center,select the instance and then click Edit  and change the type

Reset a Sandbox Instance

- Sandbox instance can be reset
- This deletes the instance and creates a new one(effectively deleting all data)
- In the Dynamics 365 Administration Center, select the instance and the click Reset

- Production instance can not be reset.


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