Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Administration Mode

 - A sandbox instance can be placed into administration mode
- Only users with the system administrator or system customizer role can sign in to the instance

- Additionally, background operations can be disabled which stops workflows and other asynchronous operations.

Delete an instance

- Sandbox instance can be deleted
- The instance license becomes available for use
- Storage used is available for other instances in the subscription.

Copy an Instance

- Any instance can be copied to a sandbox instance
- The copy can be one of the following

  - A full copy includes all data, users and customizations
 - A minimal copy includes users and customizations but no data.

To copy an instance

- In the Dynamics 365 Administration Center, select the instance and then copy

- Specify the target instance (which is deleted and replaces)

- The copy instance is placed in Administration Mode and background operations are disabled.

- This prevents issues with integrations to external systems.

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