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Non - interactive users

-  A user record can be marked as non-interactive
- This means that it can be used for programmatic access to 
  Dynamics 365 only such as integration with an ERP system.

- Non -interactive users do not require a license
- Five non-interactive users can be created for an instance

User account Synchronization

-Users of Dynamics 365 must have accounts created in the office 365 admin portal

-These are different from accounts used on the company network.
-To reduce account administration, consider the following options:

    -Synchronize active directory with office 365

    -Use Active Directory Federation Services

Synchronize Active Directory with Office 365

- User logs on to their on-premise environment with their Active Directory account (Domain\username)
- For Office 365 (Including Dynamics 365 ) services, user logs in again with work               account(
-Synchronization keeps the user name the same for both environments.

Use Active Directory Federation Services

- A single account(AD) is used for the on-premise network and Dynamics 365 
  providing a single sign - on (SSO) experience.

- User logs on to their on-premise environment with their AD 

- For Office 365 (Including Dynamics 365) services, the user is logged in automatically or logs      in with their AD account.

Configure user account synchronization

- Setting up synchronization and  SSO are both detailed processes.
- For more information on setting up account synchronization refer to

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