Friday, 25 May 2018

Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Versium Predict

Hello Everyone,

Today i am going to explain new feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Versium Predict is additional feature which predict the sales and marketing team to evaluate which lead or customer is the potential buyer.

With the Versium Predict, once you install the application into the dynamics 365 the rest is assured by the Versium Predict.

It is built on power of Machine Learning and it will predict which will show who is willing to buy products are services, this is a cool features with the dashboard and statistics of which any sales or marketing team can easily evaluate.

How to install the Versium Predict,

Let's get's started..

Go to the App Source and type the Versium Predict and its free with Microsoft Dynamics 365..
and install the app. then you will see the app under the Setting >  Tools > Versium Predict..

With the Versium Predict, it will predict which customer can actually buy your products with your historical data that you have at your organisation.

By simple business process and dashboard the team can easily access the Versium tool and get the job done.

With the Custom predict model,  based on the leads stored in the Dynamics CRM, Versium can predict which lead actually going to buy  and it will score for them, so that team can follow up and close the deals.

Versium Predict uses Machine Learning and Big data for predicting scores from massive datawarehouse directly inside Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This is cool feature and catches eyes of Sales and Marketing Managers to grab the app in the Dynamics 365..

I hope this helps..

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