Wednesday, 30 May 2018

How to extract different team members from a business unit in Dynamics 365

Hi Everyone

Today i am going to refer to one of the scenario:

Suppose there are different teams[RSM,Kent, gmrdigital ] in business unit[gmrdigital] and you need to extract users from different team of the business unit.
Users within the business unit gmrdigital.

If we want to export the users team members from team then it is not possible.

So there is a way to export the team members from Dynamics 365 

Let's get's started.

Go to Advanced Find
Look for : Users
Use Saved Views: Enabled User;
By default the status, Access Mode, Access Mode will come.
All you need to do is select the "License Type = Enterprise", "Team Contain Data", "Team Name = GMRDIGITAL"

Click the result button in the menu area..

 Then select all the users and click the export Users button  in the menu area

We will get all the users related to the team from Dynamics 365..

Similarly we can retrieve other team members from teams of the business unit accordingly.

I hope this helps.

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