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In Microsoft Dynamics 365, there is feature which is quite useful for organisations called "Support Instance"

Support Instance: Support Instance is an non-production instance which is used to troubleshoot the error and reproduce the same error in the support instance and resolve it.

Support Instance can be created by Microsoft  on organisation tenant to resolve the issue. so the support instance is completely different from the production instance, it will not impact the production environment in any way.

System Administrator have complete rights for managing and transferring the organisation data by copying it to a support instance.

 Support instance?

Normally support instance is created in your tenant by Microsoft for preventing or repairing problems on the Online Environment.

so it doesn't need any additional non-production instance to be purchased, database size of a support instance does not count towards your storage limit, also resides in the same data center of your instance.

What data is in a Support instance?

Support Instance is created by Microsoft, no data or customization's of an organisation is copied this instance. Microsoft Dynamics 365 system Administrator can maintain the instance and copy the full or minimal copy of the organisation instance, also SA must consent to providing a copy of their data to Microsoft.

Who has access to a Support instance?
Partial  copy:
Microsoft team members who are members of a support security group
Full copy:
Microsoft team members who are members of an elevated support security group

What type of data access does Microsoft have?

Online  application

System admin privileges

Database (via SQL query tools):

Read/Write access to all tables

Access to the database requires additional approval by Microsoft and it is managed, controlled, and granted as needed.

Access to the database is time limited (for example, 30 minutes) and expires automatically.

How long does a Support instance stay in your tenant?

14 days or resolution of the problem.

SA can delete the Support instance at any time.

Is access and usage of Support instance audited?


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