Thursday, 14 September 2017


Overview of Field Services

Following are the main pillars of the Field Services

1) Work order process
2) Scheduling & dispatching process
3) Service Delivery process
4) Review and Billing process


1)Review why mobility is important in field service
2)Field Service Mobile App.
3)Preform Actions using the Mobile App.

Things to Consider:

1)A single agreement can have numerous agreement schedules.
2)The agreement price list specifies the price of all products and services related to an agreement.
3)Work Orders generated from an agreement provides a can still be edited at the work-order level.

Field Service Mobile:

1)Field Service Mobile mobile application is built on the Resco Mobile Platform 
   which is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 
2) Supported Devices
   a) Windows 10
   b) IOS 6+
   c) Andriod Phone.

Initial Configuration

1) Connect Mobile App to your Dynamics 365 instance
 2) Setup > Dynamics 365
 3) Can be changed in the future
4) App must be synced once connected.

Working On or Offline.

Online Mode
1) Information continuously syncs with the server.
2) No need to manually sync your device.

Offline Mode
1)Information is downloaded to your device.
2)Information sent to the server on the next sync.

Application Navigation

1)You will need Field Service Admin, dispatcher, Inventory purchase
   or resource to use the mobile app.
2)You may still require additional permissions to change data.
   you can navigate to any of the items listed.

Field Service Mobile App image below:

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