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Today i a m going to explain how we can disable  and Enable Synchronization direction between mapped Outlook/Exchange fields and Dynamics 365 fields.

> Dynamics 365 > Settings > Administration > System Settings

Entity Type:- Appointment, Contact, Fax, Letter, Phone Call, Recurring Appointment, Service Activity, and Task

Please find the below images:



So when we look at the image above the Outlook/Exchange we can view, create or change filters that specify all the entity types in Dynamics 365 that are Synchronized to Outlook/Exchange.

we can also view synchronized fields and the synchronization direction for each entity type.

Scenario:- If you want to disable autocreation of Task from Outlook into Dynamics 365 and vice versa the  double click the arrow marks so that it will disable data flow between Outlook and Dynamics 365.

Note:- We can  not disable the Outlook/Exchange Field "Importance", "Regarding" and "Subject" fields..

Same thing applies to remaining entity type in Outlook/Exchange and some of the fields might not be disabled and we can do one way data flow like Outlook to Dynamics 365 and not Dynamics 365 to Outlook.

Mobile:- For Mobile user Offline Data access also we need to allow users to turn  on mobile offline data and before that construct the filters so that Mobile users can get more accurate information access while they are offline.

Filters can be turned on from the below  image..

This feature is very useful while using Dynamics 365 data offline...


   The above image explains about the general system settings, so in this topic iam going to explain only about the Synchronization only

I have explained bit about the system filters, synchronized fields and offline filters then 
configure general synchronization rules for your entire organisation for appointments, contacts, and tasks..


You can check the box for the appointment attachments with Outlook or Exchange..

Contacts:-  You can Synchronize mailing address only in Outlook contact..

Also Synchronize all three addresses(Business, Home,Other) in Outlook contact

Task:-  Check the box for Tasks that are assigned in outlook.

Lastly select whether to enable syncing of resource bookings with Outlook..
Check the box for synchronize resource bookings with Outlook..

I hope this helps..

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