Monday, 9 October 2017

Create Apps in Dynamics 365 using new App Designer and Site Map Designer in Dynamics 365

Hi Folks

Today I am going to blog on dynamics 365 app module, how to create an App in dynamics 365.

Here are the steps to follow:
Goto Settings > My apps

Click on the My app then

Click on the Create App and fill in the Name, description fields and click Done..

 The following Screen will appear and click on the site map configuration which is highlighted in the red ..

App Module designer will appear and select the Area tile on the screen and fill in the properties and create the subarea and group and fill the properties..  Press the + symbol to see the area, subarea and group section

Then Save and Close.. and following screen  will appear..

 On the below screen select the Account Forms and click the "account " and "Information" forms and repeat the same for the Account Views with "accounts I follow" and "Active Accounts", then click on the validate app on the right hand corner.

then the following screen will appear..

On the Screen click on the Account form then on the left hand side Required fields will appear and for the time being I have selected all the dependencies and click on the Add Dependencies button bottom of the screen.

Publish the App and we can see the App on the below screen as App Test (I have renamed it, you don't worry)

Click on it then it will take us to the App Test module on the Application as follow:

I hope this is helpful to someone.

Happy Day..

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