Friday, 8 June 2018

Quick Campaign from Advanced Find in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Hi Everyone..

Today i  will show how to do quick campaign and send letters to all contacts from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement..

Go to Advanced Find

Click on the results:

You will see the all contacts which are active in CRM, then select the right top check box then it will automatically selects all the contacts, click on the "Quick Campaign" button on the navigation pane which is highlighted as you can see from the above image..

We can see three options:
> For selected records: If we select few records from current view then select this option.
> For all records on current page: If we select all the records from the current view.
> For all records on all pages: All records from all pages..

So for now i will select the all records on current page..

Once clicked then you will be prompted with a new window "Create a Quick Campaign"

We can you the wizard to communicate with contacts directly for sending bulk emails, or to assign activities to others for completion, i.e phonecalls, also you can track the responses to these activities..

when you fill in the quick campaign, you will be asked to:
specify the name of the campaign,
select an activity and who to assign the activity to,
specify the content for the activity.

Give it a name and click Next..

Select the "Letter" and select  who will own the activities..

Fill in the subject and description then click Next..

We have successfully completed the wizard..
we can click back if we need to make any changes.. as we can see the purpose of this quick campaign ..

Also once the campaign is created then it will appear in sales and marketing pane, under the quick campaign

we can check the campaign in sales and marketing ..

I hope this helps..

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