Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Hi Folks..

Today i am going to show you and explain how to invite multiple contacts in a single invitation..

Let's get started..

In the Microsoft Dynamics 365

Go to Settings > Portal > Invitations

Click on the new button then new page will be prompted..

Then from the above image, you can see name = "Test Portal Invitation", Type="Group", and save the record and then in the sub grid "Invited Contacts" select two contacts from the search icon inside the sub grid.

Then scroll the page and you can see in the "Activities" area click on the activities tab and you can see two emails with the invitation code inside, these email can be manually or automatically sent to the contacts.

Once the contact receives the email and access the code via the portal url
Portal URL example:

Invitation code looks like below:

You have been invited to our portal. To redeem your invitation, please click the link below.

Portal Team

Once you login into the portal as below image:

So i hope this scenario helps when you want to send multiple invitations within the organisation..

Happy CRMing.

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