Sunday, 13 September 2015


Find the Record using Guid in crm 4.0

Recently i faced a situation where i need to find a record with its GUID.
The reason is CRM  Opening some of the PDF's (form to PDF) And CRM is failing to open some of the record's PDF.

So i have checked the Log File where i have seen GUID of the failed Record's GUID.

To find out the Failed record in crm is bit pain, so here is the following solution as follows:  

Here is a quick solution to find a record using its GUID.

Go to the Entity records and open one of the record

Press F11  and it maximize the window 

Here you will see the record GUID in the URL and replace the GUID of the record you want to find out and browser again, then you will find the record you are looking for.

The following URL's might give more information

To find out the record GUID without any coding here is the URL

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