Saturday, 23 June 2018

Unable to login into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal

Hi Everyone,

Today i am going to share my experience in this blog.

Recently i have faced an issue, customer is unable to login into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community Portal.

Scenario: Customer tried to login with her credentials  and browser through's an error message
" the website not found".

Tried to troubleshoot with clearing the cache and history from the browser and closed all the browser and tried to login again..

Still there is no resolution.

There is a fix for this with in the admin center in dynamics 365..

Select the Community Portal from the Application area and click manage.

Then the following screen pop's up:

Select the Community Portal Action from the dynamics 365 admin center and Restart the Portal, as the portal is unavailable for sometime to resume the service again, so there might be some disruption between these times.

Finally customers will be able to  login to Portal as normal.

I hope this helps:

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