Saturday, 24 November 2018

How to assign Schedule Board to the Managers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Hi Everyone,

Today i am going to share quick tip about how to assign the ownership of schedule board on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Suppose in a organisation a Team Manager  needs a schedule Board to manage his/her team - System Administrator set up the Schedule board for that Manager.

Then the Manager once login's  he/she should be able to see their Schedule Board.

Let's get's started.

Initially Schedule Board is "Initial Public View".

In order to create new Schedule Board click  "+" sign..

Give the Tab Name and Shared With "specific people" or "Just Me" or  "Everyone".

Fill in all the General Settings and Schedule Types configuration, once required fields filled click on "Add" button at the bottom.

Then the new Tab is added to the Schedule Board see below:

As you can see from above image "MallaGurram" tab is added , on the left hand side you can set filter for that user and save - "Filter & Map View area.
Resource = " MallaGurram" and save filter.

Assign the new created Scheduled Board to the user "MallaGurram",  Go to Advanced Find and select the Schedule Board Setting and select the "Active Schedule Board Settings", click result, see below:

Select the user and click on the navigation menu " Assign Schedule Board Settings" to the user.

Finally the Schedule Board is assigned to the user, Manager can login into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and access the Schedule Board to check the "Resource" schedules.

I hope this helps.

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